The well of wellbeing

We asked ourselves, what makes for a great employee benefits program?
We believe that wellbeing, in mind, body and finances, is at its core.
Our mission is to empower progressive companies; to help them keep their people productive, happy and healthy.


It’s a no brainer that we should be supporting the mental health of our people. Make sure you're doing what’s right for your workplace.


An active, healthy body is a happy body. Let’s get moving on your people’s physical health.


An investment in financial wellbeing will keep money stresses at bay and leave more time for what’s important.


All Rounder

We are your benefits champions, collaborating with you to build and manage your complete benefits package, using our benefits building blocks.


Focus on Finance

Financial stress is the number one stressor for Aussies. We provide expert education and guidance to empower your people to be more financially fit.

Building your well-beings

Choose your benefits building blocks

Peek into our process

Step 1


Whether you’re starting from scratch, or need help redefining your benefits program, we listen to you and your people to understand your pain points.

Step 2


Once we know what you want, we test the market, partner with the best and build a dynamic benefits program, using the three pillars of wellbeing; mind, body and finances.

Step 3


The most successful benefits programs are ones where your people are fully engaged. The best place to start is with an exciting launch.

Step 4


It’s not about set and forget; it’s about ongoing engagement and constant evolution to meet the ever changing needs of your workforce. We are your benefits champions; taking the stress of you and your HR functions.


Australian FinTech Company

With the task to replicate the global benefits mandate in the Australian market, we built an all round benefits program that employees love.

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“I have been really delighted by the number of staff members who have approached me to thank us for implementing the company Income Protection Plan. I am pleased we have done the right thing by our people. We are looking forward to rolling out the next stage of our employee benefits program.”

Michael Heine Co-CEO and Founder


Let’s talk benefits.