The business of personal development

Approximately 80% of people who make New Year's resolution give up by the second week of February. Considering most people were in lockdown last year due to COVID-19, will people be more intentional with their goals this year to make up for it?  

According to Ohana behavioral Health the word 'New’ in the new year puts a lot of pressure on turning a new leaf. However, people tend to forget the time and work it can take to start or end habits. Insider suggests that there were 5 main reasons why people gave up on their goals: not ready to change their life/lifestyles, not self-monitoring to see their progression, they didn’t plan ahead, overconfident in their goal being easy, and not realising they must give up certain things in life to prioritize their goal. 

What responsibility, if any, do companies have to ensure employees reach their personal goals?  Personal development for employees, whether quitting smoking, better health management, or becoming more financial skilled, will ultimately benefit the company by eliminating the stress caused by ill self-management. By offering assistance for personal development your business becomes more desirable for professionals who wish to build skills, knowledge and further their careers. 

Top leaders will take a personal interest in their employees’ career (and personal) goals, promote training, support work-life balance and create succession planning programs to name a few. Consider offering goals or resilience training to help your people get over the February resolution hump and truly succeed personally and at your workplace. 

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