Launching our new Think Benefit3 Podcast

Think Benefit3 podcast is now here!  Listen by clicking the links below:

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Our podcasts will focus on the three pillars of wellbeing: mind, body, and finances.

We’ll be speaking with HR and Wellbeing industry professionals to understand how People Leaders (like you!) can take care of, and get the best out of, their people.

For our inaugural podcast episodes, Benefit3 has teamed up to do a THREE-part series with Turner International, a global consultancy with decades of experience in the field of organisational change, facilitation, team and leadership coaching to co-create organisations of the future through a universal framework. Tammy Turner (CEO) works with corporate and federal government decision makers, human resources professionals and their teams around the world.


Benefit3 is delighted to have Tammy, with her many years of experience, speak with Marisa, B3 Relationship Manager, about the distributed workforce landscape and how people leaders must react to get the most out of their teams.


The first episode titled Leading and Managing Distributed Teams, covers:

  • How decision making and effective team leadership is still possible with flexible working

  • How to work collaboratively in a distributed workforce

  • The importance of human connection in a workplace regardless of hierarchal infrastructure

  • Mental health impacts to your company’s performance


Learn more about Tammy Turner International, by visiting the website or LinkedIn.

Let’s talk benefits.