Decision Making within a Distributed Team

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We’ve come to the final part of our three part podcast series ‘Equipping yourself to lead the team of the future’.

We’d encourage you to listen to all three parts of this important series. With lockdowns across major cities in Australia, it is naïve to believe that we can continue to work in the same ways we used to.

In order to sustain and grow team morale, productivity and wellbeing, leaders must evolve their leadership approach, upskilling to help their teams flourish in a WFH setting. We hope that this podcast series has provided you some helpful insights so that you can take the right steps towards being a top notch leader!

In this last, and crucial, part of the series, Marisa and CEO of Turner International, Tammy Turner, discuss the difficulties and intricacies of team decision making.


Titled ‘Decision Making within a Distributed Team’, listen in to hear about:

  • The impact of reduced capacity in decision making

  • Diversity and inclusion within decision making, especially from a WFH perspective

  • Empowering people to be thought-leaders and decision makers within a scattered workforce

Please also find an additional resource, ‘Co-creating Productive Decisions’ from Tammy Turner and Dr Stefan Fothe here.

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